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>> live from dw here in berlin, this is the journal quote -- the journal -- "journal." investigators reveal new details about the bomb attack in boston. the former british prime minister, margaret thatcher, is laid to rest in london. >> and french executives go on trial, accused of knowingly selling defective breast implants to tens of thousands of women worldwide.
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investigators in the u.s. are starting to piece together clues from the boston bombing, but they have denied earlier media reports that a suspect was in custody and about to appear in court. we are going to go live to boston in a bit. >> the fbi says a global hunt for the suspect is underway and there has been significant progress in the forensic work on the bomb fragments. >> after two days of coming through evidence, there were reports of a major breakthrough in the hunt for the person or persons who planted the bombs. several outlets reported an arrest based on cctv footage of a man seen leaving the scene. authorities now refute those reports of interest -- of an arrest. war 170 people were injured. -- more than 170 people were
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injured. earlier on tuesday, they found the remains of the bombs, fragments of a pressure cooker, filled with nails, ball bearings, and explosives. the crude but deadly devices similar to ones used in previous attacks in the u.s., as well as pakistan and afghanistan. >> our correspondent is standing by for us in boston. officials are now denying that a suspect is in custody. what are you hearing >> -- hearing? >> i cannot really confirm any of the stories we have been hearing today. all i can say is that we are getting a lesson in complete news chaos and how not to do it here in boston. let me give you the story that broke earlier through some major tv news station, american tv news stations giving very detailed accounts about a suspect already being arrested and on his way to federal court.
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having videos that showed him dropping the black bag, one video from the source, another being from a local to the -- local tv news station. while everybody was hopping on that story, the boston police department tweeted a denial, saying nobody was arrested him and not even in custody -- arrested, not even in custody. we have some sources saying they had not even identified a suspect. we have a huge spectrum. the detail in the first story, saying that somebody had been arrested makes me inclined to think -- it is my personal opinion -- that something has happened. but the new cycle is very different from the cycle of investigators -- the news cycle is very different from the cycle of investigators from the fbi. they take their time. we will know more at 5:00 p.m. local time. that's when they said they will have a initial -- unofficial news conference, the first one
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in 24 hours. many people are hoping to get a lot more inside then. >> asians is called for here -- patients is called for here -- pa patience is called for here. what else do we know about the bomb shards? >> the bomb shards -- it is a very simple bomb. we know that. we know they were apparently filled with sharp metal pieces, with nails. apparently the lid to one of those pressure cookers was found on one of the rooftops in the area. i am standing in front of the gates. you are not allowed to access this area, about 1.6, 1.7 kilometers in this direction. we saw a line of white fbi investigators, very carefully searching with metal detectors for everything -- anything
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still in the area. searching paper bags on the floor, still there from monday. either they were trying to close out the investigation, or this was still an open investigation. he hope to learn more at 2300 german time -- we hope to learn more at 23:00 german time. >> in another developing story, the fbi says a letter sent to president barack obama has tested positive for the deadly poison ricin. >> the letter was intercepted tuesday at a mail screening facility. american media say that the letter sent to obama and another letter sent to roger wicker were both postmarked memphis, tennessee. additional tests are due in the next 48 hours to confirm the presence of the toxin. >> our washington correspondent is following this for us. any idea as to who might be behind this? >> oh -- we do not have a
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suspect yet, but there was a signature on the letters. the letters included the phrase "to see a wrong and not to expose it is to become to -- a silence -- is to become a silent partner to it." president obama said, "i am president obama and i approve this message." this is someone who wants to get attention. it is important to note that both are getting letters right now, republicans and democrats. that says to me this is someone who really hates government. the u.s. -- in the u.s., antigovernment extremists have a fascination with ricin in the past. you can easily buy manuals on how to produce ricin. >> from what you are hearing is there -- hearing, is there any indication that there might be
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a link between the ricin in these letters and the bombing in boston? >> not yet eerie -- not yet. >> thank you very much. >> back on this side of the atlantic, former british prime minister margaret thatcher has been laid to rest in a ceremony at st. paul's cathedral pier g was a divisive figure -- st. paul's cathedral. she was a divisive figure. she ushered in policies that continue to impact the country. >> thing then was silent as the first female and longest -- big ben was silent as the first female and longest-serving prime minister was laid to rest. >> the final journey for margaret thatcher, a carriage bearing her coffin wound its way through the streets of london. the carriage and the route manned by members of the armed services, many who had fought in the falklands war.
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thousands lined the procession routes. a applauded -- they applauded and cheered as the carriage passed by. other terrorist -- others turned their backs and protest as the carriage passed by -- in protest as the carriage passed by. and then the arrival at st. paul's cathedral. 2300 guests were invited. among them, queen elizabeth and the duke of edinburgh, current and former prime ministers, people who have shaped the modern world, like the former president of south africa, fw de klerk, and representatives of many countries. it was a funeral service margaret thatcher began making arrangements for years ago to she did not want any eulogies, but the bishop of london spoke of the way -- years ago. she did not want any eulogies,
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but the bishop of london spoke of the way she -- >> she became a symbolic figure. today, the remains of the real margaret thatcher are here at her funeral service, lying here to she is one of us, subject -- at her funeral service, lying here. she is one of us, subject to the final death of all of us. rec she will go down in history as the leader who transformed -- >> she will go down in history as the leader who transformed britain, for better or for worse. >> the owner of a medical supply firm that sold effective breast implants says he knew the product was dangerous, but used it anyway to cut costs. >> five executives from the firm pip have gone on trial
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over the fraud, which has sparked a global healthcare crisis after it emerged that the implants were made of industrial silicon, more suitable for mattress making, and that they were prone to leaking after implantation. >> there has been confusion after -- over responsibility for aftercare and subsequent costs. many clinics who undertook the original treatment have refused to take subsequent work free of charge because pip is now insolvent. >> the cases being tried in a convention center to cope with the crowds. more than five 5000 women are registered as plaintiffs. they want justice for -- more than 5000 women are registered as plaintiffs. they want justice for what they see as fraud. >> we want doctors to take care of us. we are putting our lives in their hands, and then we are tricked? it is frightening. >> they have waited years for the trial to begin. the focal point of the vic dem''
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anger is john claude maass -- victims' anger is jean-claude masss. he is accused of using industrial silicon to cut costs. many of the implants ruptured, causing infections. as a result, thousands of women later had them removed. the court is charging mas and four other executives with fraud. mas and eyes the implants were u -- mas denises the implants were unsafe. >> released in egypt, where the the army is carrying out an investigation -- to the middle east and egypt, where the army is carrying out an investigation. >> the border between the two countries lies but -- a few kilometers away. >> the rockets struck in the early morning hours. one struck a construction site.
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the other a field in an unoccupied area. the renault imagery's -- there were no imminent -- there were no injuries or damage. >> we are calling on residents. if the sirens go off, immediately go into safe areas and safe zones. >> israelis are familiar with such precautions. they have been hit with intermittent rocket fire from sinai over the years. earlier this month, israel moved a battery with iron dome missile defense system into the city. and you hottest has claimed responsibility for the attack -- agent hottest -- a jihadist rupe has claimed responsibility for the attack -- a jihadist group has claiemed responsibiliy for the attack. >> he denies charges and says
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the attempt is in the -- says the charges are an attempt by the government to silence dissent. >> outside the courthouse, the lawyer and opposition -- the lawyer says that he faces charges -- [indiscernible] he says the charges are politically motivated. >> sooner or later, we will win and drive these crooks and thieves from power. >> he rose to the head of the opposition movement during russia's elections at the end of 2011. he called for people to vote for any party other than putting's -- putin's. since then, he has said he wants to become president. >> the trial's purpose is to get him off the political stage. it damages his reputation and creates a legal pretext to
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prevent him from taking part in elections. >> in court, he asked for more time to study the charges and the evidence. the judge adjourned the court until next wednesday. several hundred supporters who traveled for the trial say they will return next week. they say the russian government is using the courts to intimidate the opposition. >> the trial is no exception. dozens of opposition activists are facing hefty jail sentences. vladimir putin's critics say the charges are politically motivated. in this case, the authorities seem to be making little effort to hide that fact. the system is increasingly using such scare tactics to silence any opposition. >> act in germany, movie buffs are flocking to dresden -- back in germany, movie buffs are flocking to dresden. >> the festival is marking its 25th anniversary.
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today, it is a platform for high quality, independent movies, one of the most popular short film festivals in europe, with prizes and awards worth 64,000 euros. some extreme sandstorms in china. we will have that story when we come back after the break.
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>> welcome back. gang rape and murder -- the gang rape and murder of a young university student in new delhi last year triggered demonstrations across india and raised global awareness about the lethal threat to them and can face from sexual predators. >> -- we shall -- lethal threat women can face from sexual editors. >> a mother and her grandson mourning the death of her only daughter, the little boy's mother. she died after being attacked by a group of young men in the street.
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>> my daughter was on the way to visit relatives when the men grabbed her and raped and killed her. they stabbed her eyes out. i want justice. and i want every mother in this country to know their daughters are not safe. >> news of the young woman's death has triggered a wave of protests in mauritania, like this one in the capital of nooks shot -- not showed -- the lack shot -- nouaskchott. >> less than 10% of cases are prosecuted, and the law does not distinguish between rape and extramarital, consensual sex, which is also against the law. that is why so few victims go to the police. they are afraid they will be found guilty of having
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extramarital sex. >> activists with the women's right organization say that the death is not an isolated case. they have recorded more than 30 similar incidents in the last month alone. another rape victim, who does not want to show her face or be identified by her family name -- >> i was in a taxi. the driver drug to me and raped me while i was unconscious. when my family found out, they disowned me. my life is ruined. i cannot find the driver, but i won't give up until he has been caught. >> with a growing number of victims and their families raising their voices against violence aimed at women, change may be coming to mauritania. >> now a quick look at other news from around the world.
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the retrial of former egyptian president hosni mubarak will start on may 11. the egyptian court set the date after the trial start was delayed last week when the judge withdrew from the case. mubarak faces charges related to the killing of protesters during the 2011 revolution. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry says he has not decided whether or not to recognize nicolas maduro as the new president of venezuela. he says the votes need to be recounted. since sunday's polling, seven venezuelans have died in protest over the results -- in protests over the results. the opposition claims there were widespread irregularities. >> the south korean president, park geun-hye, has called for a stronger international response to north korea's threats of nuclear attack. she said it was necessary to break what she called a vicious cycle of north korean threats he
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and rewarded with negotiations and aid -- threats being rewarded with negotiations and aid which were then followed by more threats. >> parliament in new england has voted to allow same-sex marriage. lawmakers amended the country's law to define bacher money as a union between two people regardless -- define matrimony as a union between two people regardless of sex. >> the number of new cars registered last month was down a full 10%. industry heavyweights are among those feeling the bench -- pinch. the german market posted the biggest monthly drop in the eu. only britain was able to buck the trend, reporting an increase of 6%. >> more than 4000 people work at this car factory.
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more than 2 million people are employed building cars across europe. the problem is that fewer people want to buy them. not even eye-popping discounts are enough to attract the buyers. in düsseldorf, the cutthroat competition is taking a toll on european car manufacturers. >> we have a global auto industry. that means that manufacturers who have not been able to break into the global market face problems when their own domestic market begins to decline. >> car dealers in cyprus are having a particularly tough time. newedge is an's there were down percent in march compared -- new registrations there were down 60% in march compared to last year. >> the german carmaker opel is one company that has been especially hard hit by falling auto sales. to take -- today, they announced they will stop
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building cars at the bochum factory at the end of next year. >> in 2015, the plant will become a parts distribution center and employ just about 420 people. at the moment, about 3200 people working there, i merrily on the production ash primarily on the production of the -- about 3200 people work there, primarily on the production of the zafira minivan. >> production in bochum was set to continue for another two years, until 2016, but staff rejected a proposal from management, saying they wanted to push on with negotiations instead. employers did not like that idea. the plant was one of the carmaker's oldest. it was opened to assemble the cadet. about well thousand people work here during the factory's glory days -- about 12,000 people
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work here during the factory's glory days. the unemployment rate has shot up to 11%. opel the shifting production of the is a fear at -- the zafira to another plant. >> all that auto sector data weighed heavily on the european shares, sending european stocks to their biggest daily drop in two months. our correspondent sent us this summary the frankfurt stock exchange. >> opel is not able to compensate losses in europe in other growth markets, like china and latin america. this is something that the other big players are able to do, but this -- this has not been enough. looking at the weak numbers of the european car markets, car shares went down sharply in a market which took a nosedive today.
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the dax has been driven sharply down on concerns about the state of the economy. other people are talking about technical reactions, but also the numbers from the usa are not as good anymore. bank of america reported results that have been far on next -- under expectations. >> we will stay in frankfurt for a closer look at the numbers. the dax -- it is down by more than 2.3%. the euro stoxx 50 is down by more than 2%. across the atlantic, things there are also down in negative territory. the euro is drifting lower against the greenback, trading at a value of 1.3044. >> the british retailer tesco, the world's third-largest, says it is pulling out of the u.s. market. profits fell for the first time in 20 years. >> empathy says it wants it
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wants to refocus on its british operations ash the company says it wants to refocus on its british operations -- the company says it wants to refocus on its british operations. >> millions of germans were disappointed today when they went to get their mail and, lo and behold, the letterboxes were empty. no holiday postcards from friends. that's because thousands of postal workers have gone on warning strikes for higher wages. the lockout has given the term "snail mail" a whole new meaning. >> delivering a letter is a huge logistical challenge, from the sorting to the delivery, everything has to come together. deutsche post is one of the world's leading providers of postal services. the company operates in more than 200 countries. thanks to its booming business and -- in emerging economies in asia and latin america, it
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posted a five percent -- 5% profit last year. the german labor union, verity, says it is only fair that the letter deliverers get paid for their -- verity -- birdie -- verdi, says it is only fair that the letter deliverers get paid for their work. lex -- >> deutsche post is a thriving company. the numbers show that. that is why i believe the employees deserve their fair share of the profits that are made. >> to demonstrate the importance of their work, more than 3000 delivery staff walked off the job on wednesday. hundreds of thousands of letters and packages were delayed. verdi says more strikes are planned, so many germans could be waking up to empty mailboxes in the days ahead.
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>> the weather is making itself felt in china where a sandstorm has hit parts of a province in the northwest. a cold front blew sand from the desert into several cities in that region to look at that. streets were shrouded in dust. residents battled strong winds and, at times, visibility was really -- was reduced to less than 30 meters. meteorologists say the sandstorms will continue through at least thursday of this week. >> and recapping our top stories, there is no suspect in custody in boston right now. we will have the latest from that city when we return at the top of the hour. stay with us here on dw. [laughter] captioned by the national captioning institute
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